Friday, November 18, 2011

Product Review: The Air Brush Spray Booth

Most often I opt to airbrushing my cakes, because it allows me to add color verses wasted time on mixing or kneading the color into a large amount of icing or fondant. But something I quickly discovered after purchasing my airbrush was overspray, it gets everywhere especially dark colors like red, black, and blue, all over my cabinets, tables, appliances and kitchen floor, which then means my children or I will track colors onto my tan carpet and up the stairs to the bedrooms, it's a pain!!! One time I even tried airbrushing on my back deck, which was not a great idea either, because it was windy at the time and I was getting spray everywhere except the cake. I have tried lot of different things and to no avail, mess everywhere including me blowing out red and purple snot days after which is always amusing (TMI?) sorry but it's true, you guys know what I speak of, all those that airbrush anyway. 

Anyways, on my search of perfecting my airbrushing skills, I notice other professional airbrush artist using an airbrush booth to catch over spray, some rigged up contraptions, and others looked commercially made. 
 So on my ever google search of general cake stuff I happened upon a new cake must have for those that airbrush or are thinking about it. Cake friends, this is one of the best investment I have made since I picked up a piping bag. No more mopping the floor after each cake, no more trying to build a cardboard fortress to protect appliances from too much over spray, no more tracking food dyes on my carpet, and most of all, no more multicolored with a touch of iridescence snot, I give you the Air Brush Spray Booth from CakeSafe.

I was beyond thrilled when I whipped out this puppy to use it on my pumpkin cake, this is the cake that broke in my new booth.

I don't know how they did it, but I kid you not, the only thing I had to wash was my turn table. Over spray travels far and it always gets on every surface in my kitchen, but with this baby 
my kitchen was CLEAN, and I did not have to waste time in clean up.
All of the overspray got trap in the filter back there, which can be pulled out and rinsed out clean. Nice huh. 
And it's not loud at all, I would say it is a bit lower than the noise coming from my compressor, and it is not hard to set up, attach the top and side panels, plug it in and flip the switch, that's it, easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Check out this video from the creator Scott  and Juli Chapin of CakeSafe.

Note I did not get any endorsements or anything from these folks, it's just another cake toy I mean tool that I love, I love it so much I'm glad I got two of them, 
and it get the Cakerator's stamp of approval!

Thanks for this great creation Scott and Juli!!!!


  1. Haven't ventured into airbrushing as yet, but I can imagine it isn't a clean job!! Your cake is fabulous :)



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