Friday, December 23, 2011

A Gift That is Sweet

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas, and so does my family, because it's the one time in the year I'm not so grumpy. I have always loved this time of year, for so many reason, I love the Christmas lights, excited children, eggnog, home made decorations, the smell of cinnamon, the smell of pine cones, hiding gifts all over the house, and the burning of wood in the fire place, S'mores and doing things to make my friends and family happy! But most of all, I love to get to celebrate and honor the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Nothings says Christmas more than sugar cookies, so as my gift to you guys I want to share some of my secrets to decorating cookies for the folks that don't want to mess around with royal icing and just want to get with the getting! Now it's a quick tutorial because I have so much going on, with my family in town, and 2012 business stuff going on, so here goes.

Now these are a fraction of the cookies I have done in the past week, but it was my last batch of cookies and so I had to make time to take some pictures before I boxed them up. I think I baked and decorated nearly 200 vanilla and chocolate sugar cookies, so I'm all cookied out.

And with that amount of cookies there is no ding dang way I'm grabbing a piping bag with royal icing to decorate these cookies. So you want to know my secret!!!

OK get your favorite sugar cookie recipe, if you don't have one try the No Fail Sugar Cookies I have never tried it, but people swear by it, and I plan to try it soon. After the dough is made, I place them in a very large zip lock bag, (I use the 2.5 gallon bags), and roll out the dough in the bag nice and flat, zip it up and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Then I grab my choose of cookie cutters, in this case Christmas trees, gift boxes and a snow flake cutter with the round cutter set from Ateco. I also pulled out my clay gun and dragees too.

OK like I said before, I don't do the royal icing thing, only if I have a small amount of cookies to decorate, my choice of sweet decor details for my cookies is fondant, I will show you why in a sec. Before I start rolling out the cookie dough, I start working on my designs. Using your choose of colored fondant, roll it thin, about 1/8" thick, I pass my fondant thought my kitchen aid pasta maker attachment, and roll to the thinness between a number 2 or 3 setting on the attachment, depending how thick you want you fondant. It's soooo much faster.

Then using my mocking rolling pin to add texture I roll it over the whole piece of fondant, then using the same cookie cutter you plan to cut out your sugar dough with, cut out your fondant shapes, now is a good time also to add the other details too. 

While I got my red fondant out, I will cut out some hearts and circles to make a bow for my gift box sugar cookies.
Then I used my clay gun to squeeze out some ribbon strips

And I use the same gift box cookie cutter to cut the length of ribbon I need

 All done and ready to assemble

So I luster dusted all of my fondant pieces, not worrying at all about the fondant from drying out, in fact I want them to dry a little making them easy to handle and not lose it's shape while dusting and moving it around. Once everything is all dusted I start assembling the pieces.
First I glue the ribbon down the middle of the shape with a little bit of tylose glue, then the hearts making sure it lines up with the shape where the bow goes. By the way now is a good time to get the kids involved, I sure did! I think they hated me just a little bit afterwards, oh well they lived.

Now I take the fondant circles to cover the ends of the hearts creating the bow. Yes, like I said I enlisted the kids help so some of these are not perfect, but it's still cute!

Here they are all done! 

Now they are already place on the cookies, now here is the trick, and what makes this part go fast, I don't use anything to attach them, no royal icing, no piping gel or any type of sugar adhesive is needed here, just heat!

As soon as these cookies pop out of the oven I place the fondant on top of the piping hot cookies, the heat melts the fondant just enough that it merges with the cookie and when it cools it nice and dry and attached!

How cute are these! I love using different impression rollers on the fondant

SO here is another money saving tip, if you are luck like me, you have a cake decorating supply store near you and they always sell boxes for cakes and small treats, well this box is actually the size to fit a 6" cake, they are like 28 cents a piece, I brought a whole bunch, and using a cookie cutter I cut out my own window, this time in the shape of a Christmas Tree with one of my large cookie cutters, then hot glued a sheet protector cut done to cover the cut area on the inside (I got like 8 windows with just one sheet protector), then I assembled, make sure you get a clear ones and not the cloudy kind. But how cute is this box please, creative and cheap, just how I like it!

Here they are all boxed up with some parchment paper to line the box, and I threw in some extra cookies to pay my kids off for all their hard labor, that made them happy!

I hope you guys enjoy Christmas as much as we do, and I hope you have enough time to squeeze these cookies in your schedules, they are fun when your not making 200, and I have just one more think to share...
A gift to the world

Merry Christmas! And Keep CAKING!


  1. Awesome cookies Maria! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year to you!

  3. These are so cute - thanks for sharing



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