Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just For The Taste Of It

Hi, I am a chocolaholic, and as such I have a cake that I love to make to satiate my chocolate craving when needed. I call it the Choco Loco Crunch. What is the Choco Loco Crunch you ask.
It's a Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream riddled with crushed up Twix cookies in the mix, sandwiched between two layers of decadent dark chocolate cake, with alternating layers of a rich Dark Ganache. Then frosted and glazed with more ganache with more crushed Twix on the top and sides.
I KNOW, and if this is wrong, then I don't want to be right!  

Some times it's not always about the crazy cakeing and sculpting skillz, or designing skillz, some times it's just all about the making cake taste darn good skillz. And some times you just want a big slice of heaven on a plate. I just love the little dots of vanilla bean in the buttercream, some how it just make it look even yummier.

  So if you have not guess it by now, the Twix is what adds the crunch. I don't know, I just wanted different textures and flavor's partying in my mouth. Too rich? Probably, but who gonna be eating a slice of this everyday?

It's a good thing I donated this cake to my son's school, because this cake would have been my undoing... sigh... I love chocolate, did I mention that? 
I just want to wipe my fingers across my screen right now and lick.

Well until next time folks, Keep Caking!


  1. Oh my!!! i need that in my life. Do you have recipes to share?!?!

  2. Could it get any chocolatier? Could it get any scrummier? I think that's a 'once you start you can't stop til you're sick' kinda cake! yum yum yum...

    PS: glad I'm not alone in getting urges to lick the screen LOL

  3. You're so bad to taunt us with this beauty and not dish the recipe...pretty PLEASE???

  4. Thanks for the comments, there is more to this story, so stay tuned.



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