Monday, March 12, 2012

Symbiote + Eddie Brock = Venom

So my boy is turning 10 years old, and what kind of cake does he ask for? 
His favorite Spidey character, Venom of course.  
And this is how the conversation went down,
Me: "Alex what kind of cake do you want for your party this year?" 
Alex: "Can you make a Venom cake?"
Me: "OK, like his head or from his chest up" showing him online pic "like these"
Alex: "No, I want the whole body, all of Venom"
Me: "So do you want a Venom on top of your cake?"
Alex: "No I want Venom to be the cake"
Me: "?!?....   Really? You mean you don't just want his head or some thing like that? It looks cool, see!..."
Alex: "No just a Venom cake, a cake in the shape of Venom"
Me, dropping my head in defeat "OK I'll see what I can do"

This was a lot of pressure for me, I had just 3 days to come up with a cake design, get the structural support and get it done, PLUS both my boy and my husband are toy collectors and are very picky about their stuff.
So here is my attempt of Venom "The Cake"

It took 2 late nights and 3 early mornings to finish, I think I got 4 hours of sleep collectively.
That will teach me to wait last minute... 

The teeth are yummy, almond, slivers embedded in a chocolate clay mouth.

 Here is the back view, my teenage daughter said "Venom's got a tight butt" ROFL!

I'm so glad it's over. Don't get me wrong it was cool pulling this cake off, but the lack of sleep was not so much, and I did learned a lot from making this cake for future crazy positioned 3D cakes, so bonus there. It was worth seeing how happy my son was when he saw it, and the reactions from his friends at the party, that was priceless!
Anyway, I'm off to work on a cuter and easier cake this week,  so till next time
Keep Caking!


  1. LOL! I burst out laughing at your daughter's comment "Venom's got a tight butt"! LOL! So funny!! Awesome cake!! I can't believe you pull this off last min!

  2. Wow wow wow!!! Fantastic - I'd love to know how you made this!! x

  3. Nailed it :D - fabulous cake guess there won't be a how to on this one then LOL

  4. Thanks I was laughing hard too when she said it, had to take moment to get out the giggles before I could start working on the cake again. Lol

  5. OMG! It's AWESOME! BUt it is scarry!!

  6. Oh wow! That is cool! Your son is very lucky - I wonder what he'll ask for next year :-)



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